Looking for a new camera. Suggestions are welcome.

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Still in search, thoughts and doubts about purchasing a new smart camera....
I'm not a serious shutter bug yet, although a very passionate hobbyist (don't know if that's the correct word to use). I've been using Canon Powershot A650 IS for almost 4 years now. It's been my first digital camera after using film for many years before, and of course I was delighted by so many things it provided, including (but not limited to) ease of use, 6 zoom, macro, all different shooting modes, video and fancy flip (rotate 360) LCD screen.

Now I'd like to get something w/ bigger zoom. 6x is not quite enough for wildlife and airshow photography I intend to do this summer. I've been looking at a few cameras with 20x and 30 (35)x Not sure I need too big telephoto... I'm leaning to 20 more than 32 ...
I'd like a new camera to be relatively small and light so I could carry it w/ me during all my travels without it becoming an extra item on the airplane baggage list.
It should have same if not more different shooting modes available, video option, and of course make great photos and videos.
And last but no way least- I want to have a LCD that can be swiveled, twisted and tilted at various angles.
I'm not ready for DSLR yet ... They are too expensive and I don't like that you can have either widescreen or telephoto at one time. Not to mention they are heavy and big...
o I want too much?

I'd appreciate any suggestions and real life /experienced based reviews on cameras that would fit my criteria.