FAA funded Contest- National Dishes in Photos- make it happen

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I created this new contest yesterday and put it into the Featured Contest pool hoping to get enough FAA members' votes to make it happen.

This is a special type of contest. As an administrator I have chosen to award FAA gift certificates as the prizes!

This contest will be awarding the following prizes:

1st Place:

$25 FAA Gift Certificate

2nd Place:

$15 FAA Gift Certificate

3rd Place:

$10 FAA Gift Certificate

In order for this contest to become active, you must vote for it below.

Every five days FAA system tallies the votes for all of the inactive contests that are hoping to award gift certificates. The contest with the most votes wins... and then immediately begins!

If you like the theme visit this page and vote for the contest please :


Being a new creation this contest is almost at the very bottom of the pool yet, it needs an initial boost to climb up and become visible when people open All Contests page.

Thank you for your vote.