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Many of us know that it's not easy to find square frames (unless you order them from FAA, of course). Also it's not easy, if possible at all, to find a square portfolio binder for prints. In order to solve this problem and to be able to show people my most beautiful square photos I created a book called "Square beauty". Translation to Lithuanian is "Grozis kvadrate".

My idea behind the title was to have a dual meaning- an image in the square frame and a meaning based on a mathematical function of a "square". Just like there is "a square meter", "a square mile", so is my "square beauty".
. The front cover of the book features the king of the beauty in my eyes- my beloved deceased cat Runciukas. He was my closest friend and a family member for more than 18 years. So I thought it was just natural to showcase his portrait on the cover of my first book as a tribute to his unconditional love to me.

The book has one more cat photo in it but other than that- it's not about cats. What is in the book? You can find it out for yourselves. The preview is enabled:

Square Beauty by Aušra Paulauskaitė Pandute Digital Art & More
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Hope you like it and maybe consider to purchase it (different binding options available). Any profit received from my photography products in any of my online stores generates a 5% donation to Pandas International.